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Agreement Segel-Plus

SEGEL-PLUS is a closed list of the senior faculty union of the University of Haifa.
Postings are welcome on anything likely to be of reasonable interest to a reasonable proportion of the subscribers.

Users are kindly requested to
* include a descriptive entry in the SUBJECT line of postings;
* avoid sending attached files; (If you must send an attachment, such as a Hebrew Word document, you should include a brief summary or description in the body of your message.)
* refrain from forwarding alerts, chain letters, etc.; (If you receive an alert you're worried about, check it out at a reliable source, such as or your local computer consultant.)
* abide by accepted norms of academic discussion.

Segel-Plus is a closed list, restricted to the staff of the University of Haifa.
Posts on the list may not be forwarded, published, or reproduced, in whole or in part, without the original poster�s prior written permission.
Email addresses of listmembers may not be revealed to others without prior consent.

Please remember:
1. Attachments should be avoided altogether; if you can put a text into the body of the message, do not send it as an attachment.
2. Do not attach unsolicited applications (such as any file ending with 'exe' or 'com').
4. If a file is available online, just send the link instead of the file.
5. For big files (over 1000K) that are not online, put the file online (your computer consultant can help you with this), and then send the link.

SEGEL-PLUS does not accept postings from non-subscribers--inluding people who post from an address other than the one under which they subscribed--so subscribers changing their email addresses are urged to resubscribe under the new address.
SEGEL-PLUS subscribers might also be interested in ACADEMIA, the national electronic forum on higher education in Israel. To subscribe send the message SUBSCRIBE ACADEMIA [YourFullName] to .

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the Segel-Plus Archives. (הארכיון הנוכחי זמינה רק למנויי הרשימה.)

Using Segel-Plus
To post a message to all the list members, send email to

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Subscribing to Segel-Plus

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Registration & Terms of use Agreement for Distribution Lists

If you agree to the following terms, please press the 'Subscribe' key. If you do not agree to the terms, you cannot be a member of this distribution list.

  1. Forums and distribution lists, that are hosted on the university's servers, are open to academic and administrative staffs of the university that are eligible and interested in joining them.
  2. The material posted is under the full responsibility of whoever posted it and under their sole responsibility and liability. The University takes no responsibility whatsoever for any material or other damage, direct or indirect, that may incur from publications in the distribution list. Nor is it responsible for the authenticity of any data and material posted in the distribution list, their legality, accuracy, credibility or their completeness.
  3. The distribution list may not be used for submitting any offensive information, religious, sexual or racial, that may be insulting to any person, corporation and/or any group.
  4. Abusive and blatant language, personal attacks, the use of personal insults and personal injury towards persons within and outside the distribution list must be avoided at all times.
  5. The following may not be submitted: material containing any illegal matter, material that breaches copyrights, material that constitutes a breach of the Law against Slander, material that constitutes a breach of the Law for the Protection of Privacy and any other material that negates the laws of the State of Israel and/or the laws of the State from where the posting is issued.
  6. No material which seemingly transgresses these terms of use may be transferred to any other entity, if such material appears in the Forum.
  7. I hereby undertake that in the event that I breach the above terms of use I shall be solely held responsible for my actions. I hereby undertake to indemnify the University of Haifa, its employees, managers or any other person acting on its behalf for any damage, loss, payments or expenses caused to them, including lawyers' fees and Court expenses incurred because of any complaint, claim and/or demand that may arise against them by any third party in Israel or abroad, resulting from a breach of the terms of use.
  8. Authority of jurisdiction - only the laws of the State of Israel will apply to this Agreement. The sole authority of jurisdiction is the authorized Court of Law in the Haifa District.

דוא"ל עם בקשת אישור תישלח אליך, כדי למנוע מאחרים רישום חינם שלך לרשימה. לאחר קבלת האישור, המנוי ימתין לאישור מפקח הרשימה. החלטת המפקח תישלח אליך בדוא"ל. זוהי גם רשימה פרטית, מה שאומר שרשימת המנויים לא חשופה למי שאינו מנוי.

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